Choco - Colombia - South America

Choco is one of the thirty-two departments that, together with Bogota, Distrito Capital, form the Republic of Colombia. Its capital is Quibdo. It is located in the northwest part of Colombia, in the Andean and Pacific regions, limiting to the north with Panama and the Caribbean Sea (Atlantic Ocean), to the northeast with Antioquia, to the east with Risaralda, to the south with Valle del Cauca and to the west with the Pacific Ocean. With 46, 530 km² it is the ninth largest department - behind Amazonas, Vichada, Caqueta, Meta, Guainia, Antioquia, Vaupes and Guaviare - and with 10.75 inhabitants / km², the eighth least densely populated part of Colombia, ahead of Casanare, Caqueta, Guaviare, Vaupes, Amazonas, Vichada and Guainia. It includes the jungles of Darien and the basins of the Atrato and San Juan rivers. It is the only location in Colombia with coasts on the Pacific and Atlantic oceans

Choco is the only bordering department with Panama. This region probably has the greatest rainfall on the planet.

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