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It is proposed to inform all the inhabitants of the Department of Choco of the need to open the hidden treasure that they have for the benefit of the community. Congregate the leaders of the Community Councils and Indigenous Reserves to participate as owners in the construction of the Interoceanic Canal of Colombia at sea level and subsequently of the operation and maintenance of the Colombian Canal.

CANATCOL, AP seeks to create wealth with a continuous flow of dollars to devote to the solution of the humanitarian crisis, to the improvement and development of the areas occupied by its owners.

CANATCOL, AP will seek the necessary financial resources to:

  1. Start the organization of the administration and hold a Session in Quibdo to sign the Deed of Incorporation and registration.

  2. Update the plans and economic studies of the Atrato Truando Canal made in New York in 1964.

  3. Complete the soil studies of the Serrania de Baudo that have not been done.

  4. Do the ecological research necessary to obtain the environmental license.

  5. Submit the deeds and plans to the National Planning Department for approval.

  6. Obtain the necessary resources to build the canal.

  7. Build the Colombian Canal, operate it and maintain it for the benefit of the community.

  8. Build the 200 MW tidal power plant in Jurado, Choco.

  9. Build two cement factories in Cabo Tiburon and Napipi.

  10. Build a heavy equipment factory, railway equipment and a shipyard.

  11. Build a Platinum Refinery and put it into operation under the control of the Colombian Bank of the Republic.

  12. Build a factory of engines operated by hydrogen cells with Platinum membranes.

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